Welcome to Motherhood

Welcome to Motherhood
Where the days are long but the toddlers run fast
Or maybe it’s the years that go fast
Ether way, both seem to slip right through your fingers
Where we like our coffee strong, complementing it with another cup
Cheering loudly for peeing on the potty
Especially if their pants were pulled down
We live for Lysol and Clorox bleach
Chocolate milk is a side dish
Balanced meals are completed and devoured in no time
At least we mamas devour our meals quickly
So that the now sold food eating baby is happy and satisfied
Enjoying long walks, around the house to find the missing toy, again
Because only the blue one will work
Cowboy boots complement every outfit, except when wearing rain boots
The only other person who seems to be as fascinated with the bathroom
Is your husband, who just needs a minute
But a half hour slips by and there’s still no sign of his return
Littles don’t want to take a bath, until they don’t want to get out
Bedtime arrives and we finish with nice story or four
The cuddles and hugs are given tightly
And the kisses are sweet, sometimes because of the chocolate milk
Whispering our I love you’s
Another day in the books
Way to go Mama!!!

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