Then Sin Entered the World


During our Pastor’s homely last weekend, I found myself pondering the Garden of Eden with a new interest. We all know the story well Eve was tempted by the serpent/ satan to eat from the one tree she should not. His words hitting me with the strength that she lacked as Father George recalls his own fond memories from childhood.


His mother’s warning “little George, you may eat any breads from the counter, all the fruit from the fridge or plentiful glasses of grape juice, cranberry or milk… but do not eat the last piece of key lime pie”.


Sure sounds easy enough but with the simple notion of not being able to have just one item from the plethora of others, it becomes more intriguing.


The forbidden fruit or in this case, the last piece of key lime pie.


So here in the season of lent, filled with our broken promises of things to give up, I ask what is your key lime pie? What have you made forbidden and how’s that going?


Unfortunately for Eve the punishment was harsh – never to enter the garden again, feelings of insecurity, pain during childbirth and humankind being faulty of sin for all the centuries to follow.


Luckily for us she kind of took one for the team. We are forgiven as soon as we ask. Assuming we do ask for forgiveness, but mostly God just wants us to keep him first in our lives. Understanding our shortcomings, he longs for us to admit our faulty ways. Turning to him, trusting in his will for us. Setting down our agendas and own conceptions. Letting go of our own will.


My husband and I were recently faced with what felt like a monumental decision. As husband and wife we are called to make the best choices for our family and us. A choice that felt consuming and stressful. Then an obvious answer came to us. Prayer. The answer: turning to God in prayer. The answer the whole time, waiting patiently to be called on with its hand held up high. Through prayer and careful consideration we came to an answer.

Shocker right- not really of course!


Since our decision things seem to be falling into place. When your following Gods will, it is in my opinion that the world just seems to make since. Doors open then appeared locked and bolted. Mountains, just a stick on the road, one we could easily step over.

God’s will, let’s get back to that. Letting go of my own will. That’s what I’m giving up for lent. Don’t worry about the last piece of key lime, for all you know he has a whole pie waiting right around the corner.

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