The Wake Up Call

I can feel your breath upon my skin
Pushing back and forth with vigor
Like a mouse sneezing with all his might
Yet reaching me as a soft tickle
Your breathing heavily, coming up from your chest
The sound of a slightly weezy baby, who is maybe on the cusp of a cold
But I have a hunch it’s just your little mouth, causing all these issues
Sending off smoke
With no fire, well nothing that can’t be contained
Your teething yet again, my dear
With your nose all stuffed up and your mouth so discomforted
It’s no wonder the morning arrived early
Your lips pressed together as you drink your milk
Squirming your head into a better position
I gently push my arm further underneath the crease of your neck
Yes that’s it, your body rests
Pleased with your newest position
While mine continues to find its way deeper into discomforts and contortions
Anything for my baby
A labor of love
The weight of your body slumped onto mine
My arms, shoulders and chest wrapping you closely
Hold tight little angel
This too shall pass





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  1. Deborah
    January 12, 2017

    Glad to see your back.


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