The Rendezvous


Once in a while you meet people that become your friends, for a period of time. Maybe brief and the friendships fade due different circumstances, often school, job or geographical changes. Resuming acquaintances status via social media etc. but nothing much further.


Then one day you happen upon a long shot, stretched out hand to meet back up all together (thank you Manda). So in and out of a day, through many weeks and a little over a year (make it nine), to an unintentional but quickly planed makeshift high school reunion. Reminiscing of stories past and lives present. Hearing in person about each other’sd husband or boyfriend, seeing each other’s children, in real life instead of just a photo on your girlfriend’s home page. Real people with real meaning. It was beautiful. So many answered questions and truths told. Aspirations addressed and confirmations of loose ends. Just like old friends do.


Change is the only thing consistent in life. Finding time, even if it’s just for an evening, to remember the past. Minor and major changes of these people but with just enough resemblance to connect you all together. To see the person they used to be and who they have become today.


We had that night. Our little reunion stamped with a picture outside in front of one of our very own grownup houses, like we were in high school again with floral corsages going off to prom but with kids on hips. Gathering back inside for some final rendezvous stories only to go home, back to our adult lives.


Sometimes it’s hard not to look at people and wonder where they are, who there with, what there doing or not, how they dress or where they live- not in a weirdo stalker way- simply filling the cup of curiosity. Human nature of wanting to somehow stay connected.


Last night we got to be together. A full circle of friendships and so much of what makes us who we are today- the choices we do and don’t make. Last night we remembered the Titans – ha just kidding but we did get to share in a pretty awesome evening with a fabulous group of gals!



Thank you girls for a wonderful evening, all the best!!



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