From the beginning of time we’ve been told how important it is to eat healthy.

We have food pyramids, diagrams and all sorts of information to keep our vitals up and functioning at their best. However getting the correct and most useful report can create quite a challenge. Tara Curran is among the upper crust, shall we say, for specializing in healthy bodies, working as a nutritionist. She’s been devoting much of her life to eating well balanced meals, while experiencing the benefits to an alluring healthy functioning body. What exactly is a nutritionist and why would someone want to incorporate having one in their life? I for one am great with consumption, I’ve been eating all my life. Eating everything in sight, healthy or not but definitely eating.SkinFood Brunch-107

She explains how eating to live and eating to function at your best can be two different things. When you eat foods that work well together, you will radiate and function at your optimal potential. Let me tell you, she is an illuminating gorgeous woman, I would do whatever she tells me. Every breath she takes in and then releases out has some kind of graceful energy that goes back into the world.SkinFood Brunch-114

If you’re really looking to enhance your life, you will be happy to hear that this ever so skilled nutritionist, has teamed up with the incredibly talented skin coach, Hayley Roy. Hayley has been beautifying the world as a medically trained esthetician and offers tools and products to keep your skin luminous. Both Tara and Hayley have a delightful holistic background, allowing for the most natural experience to get your body working at it’s best.

Together they have created a package known as Skin Food. The practice of eating correctly and using proper “green” skin care products to help you glow from the inside out. They offer educational events monthly at the LA based, Soho House, along with other happenings.

Or the pair can team up at your convenes for private consultations via phone or Skype, tailoring your session to your interests and needs.

Just recently they completed one of their “Beauty and The Belly Brunch” special events. This function is held in the comfortable setting of Tara’s own private home.SkinFoodBrunch-36-2

It’s there that Tara offers an inside look as to what foods you should increase and what foods you should decrease. Tips like the use of coconut oil being good for hair, skin and nails as it is has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil is also good for the digestive system and boosts the immune system. After talking with her on all these great benefits I feel as if I am going to be putting coconut oil anywhere and everywhere. I can’t help but think of the father in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” with his Windex obsession. Watch out kiddos, Mommy’s got a new remedy.

Hayley’s skin mapping is truly unique, She offers an inside scoop as to what is internally happening based upon what your skin is showing topically. For example breakouts along your jaw line could actually be based on liver or kidney function issues. My hormones are still trying to figure themselves out from having a baby a few months ago. I could definitely use some direction regarding how not to look like a broken out teenager. It’s not flattering at any age, and is especially frustrating as an adult.
Clearly I need some Tara and Hayley in my life. Simple steps like consuming nutritious food could make all the difference in the quality of one’s lifestyle. “You are what you eat” they say. I’m lucky I haven’t turned into a drive by butcher meat shop or bakery at this point. This duo indeed radiate from the inside out. I am in dire need of Hayley’s talents across my blemished epidermis, commonly known as the skin. Furthermore, as far as my nutritionist friend Tara is concerned I would follow her and her advice to the end of the world, and I have.

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