Splishing and splashing
In the not so bubbly bath
Bubbles are really overrated
Any doctor will tell you
Pour just a little soap
To keep them fresh and so clean
Warm water begins to cover their heals
Then their toes
Reaching higher to those chubby checks
Covered all day by puffy floral diapers
Or a superhero underwear
Now free at last
Big bro and little sis
Both slashing around
Up to their waist in bath time fun
Three water squirting fish, four foam monkeys, Mickey’s boat and stackable cups
There’d be more room to play with less things in the way
But they like it like this
My little boy and little Miss
He dumps his bucket into the funnel
Spinning the gears that wait below
Faster and faster that spin
He cheers in excitement
Before it slows to a stop
To quickly repeat again
The water slides right through her fingers
Along with a ducky
Second attempt
Beaming up with a grin
Showing off all four of her little teeth
Already budding yet another tooth on the left
I sit beside watching
Just taking it in
My babies and I
Just another day coming to a close
These days they are fleeting
So I don’t want to miss
Such sweet sounds and big squeals
Of pure blissful happiness
I soak it all up
Just as they sit in the tub soaking
All this joy
All this love
Until my thoughts are interrupted with my sons voice asking
Where’s baby’s balls?



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  1. Loretta
    August 10, 2016

    Oh! The powers of observation! This is just the beginning of understanding the differences between the sexes. It’ll take him the rest of his life to really get it.


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