There is a cool tool that sits patiently waiting on shelves in the cosmetic departments all over America. The fine boutique establishments commonly known as Target, Whole Foods or Bed, Bath and Beyond, have a secret weapon just waiting for the world to grasp onto. It can be found next to the 100 different brightly colored loofas. This supernatural tool that I speak of is typically not colored anything fancy. Instead, the marketers have opted for a very organic feel with often natural wood tones, and is usually about the length of a ruler. Complete with natural slightly coarse bristles making this stick appear like an oversized, old fashioned comb.

Which is what it is, a brush actually. I’m talking about dry brushing. Not in fact for the hairs on your head but for your body. The bristles are slightly coarse and when used correctly, can make you feel as though you have shed a good ten pounds. Well maybe five, none the less it’s a very underused product that could change your life. Most people, have no idea what or why they would ever buy such a tool. It certainly doesn’t stand out next to its way more popular, multicolored, softer spongy competitors. Anyone in their right mind would pick the more gentle loofah on a stick over this mundane thing. I mean luxurious body soaps would seem to lather much better on the pillowy, soft loofahs rather than these stubborn, rough looking sticks. Which would all be true and correct if the giant beauty brush was meant to be used that way, but it’s not. It’s not meant to be hung in the shower waiting to create luxurious foaming bubbles of soap that slip all over your body. It is indeed a brush. A dry body brush. One that seems to have slid under the radar. After a proper body brushing, one can expect to feel invigorated and alive like never before! Truly, it is way under appreciated.

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Your body exfoliation process should start preferably in the morning by standing in the shower (with the water off) or by standing on a towel laying on the floor. Begin brushing BEFORE showering with your beloved soap and yes, loofah. Starting with your toes and soles of your feet. Brushing your body using long, smooth upward strokes. Always brushing toward your heart to help the circulation of blood. Brushing your ankles, calves, and behind the knees. Upwards to the groin, thighs and derrière (booty) – take an extra second here to really brush. Making circular movements over your thighs and derrière helps mobilize fat that has been stored. Yes, this is great for cellulite too. Well actually it’s not good for cellulite as it causes it to break down.


Following up the abdominals but avoiding the breasts. Finishing up with long even strokes from the fingertips, wrists to the shoulders and underarms. Again, brushing toward the heart. This whole process should take no longer then 5 minutes. You’re not trying to brush the skin from your body exposing the bones that lay beneath. Just long enough to be revealing a refreshing smooth you!

imagesBenefits to Dry Brushing

So this is all great and fine you’re probably thinking but why on Earth would I want to add yet another thing to do on my growing, never ending list of things to do. Well here’s a couple fun facts about skin, your body and the benefits of dry brushing.

  • Your skin actually releases between 2 to 5 pounds of toxins a day. Your skin, the often forgotten largest organ in your body, is the second most powerful way to force elimination. Take advantage of this master of organs talent’s by using a natural bristle skin brush. Such as the Premium Skin Brush with Vegetable Bristles for $7.41. You can literally brush away toxins and trash on a regular basis. It can lighten the burden of excess waste on your liver and spleen.


  • Your big fancy organ, skin, is key to delivering oxygen to your cells. Similarly to your lungs, your skin also needs to breathe. You will benefit tremendously from drinking plenty of water and, of course, breathing. God did it first, making this big old planet full of water and filling the sky with plenty of air. Do the same for your body.


  • Dry brushing regularly can stimulate the lymphatic system, which moves garbage through the body to eliminative organs and lymphatic drainage areas. Focusing on the lymphatic drainage regions with your dry brush will increase the effectiveness of the whole lymphatic system.


  • As I mentioned earlier, it can also begin to break up and/or erase cellulite! That sentence right there should be enough to start your own new brushing routine. That and the fact that I feel like Dexter before he goes out on one of his hunts. Ensuring there is no trace of my skin DNA anywhere. Seeing that my skin has already been sloughed off for the day, thank you very much.


Extra Credit

When you’ve finished brushing, shaving, lathering and scrubbing, rinse. Rinse and just for fun, try cooling down your water at this point. No you don’t need your water temperature to give you hypothermia but make an attempt to have that slightly less steaming water run all down your body. Think pool temperature instead of hot tub. Just to clarify, I mean pool temperatures in May or early June, in Florida, not New York.

After you have rinsed, and all the sods have been successfully removed, step out and thoroughly dry off. Brushing is like the whip cream on your ice cream. Add even more benefits to this experience by hydrating your skin with a lovely natural coconut oil. Try using Carrington Farm’s cold-pressed Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil priced at $19.99 for a huge 54 oz jar. This hot, not so new item has been sold in stores for decades, yet I rarely see purchased. It can be yours to acquire all its greatness. You can wash your brush with plain soap and water every couple weeks, depending on how frequent your use. Replacing your brush all together approximately once or twice a year.
Seriously, I talk to people all day, every day. I’ve yet to find anyone, other than my weirdo self who actually dry brushes. Which blows my mind, because it really is a powerful little tool. You said it right 50 cent, “I’ve got the magic stick”. So maybe I’m not the only one who uses it after all. Maybe it’s just me and my boy 50.

  • shown here on left- 50 Cent, as I believe with his very own wooden dry brush.


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