It’s been another long day, I think to myself. While climbing the stairs with at least one child in my arms, glass of water in hand, cell phone slipped in bra and a small basket of clothes. All the way to the top we sing out fun phrases from wonderful story books we’re about to read. “Fee-fi-fo-fum” we stomp loudly so that everyone all around, or at least the dog downstairs in this case, can tell we are real giants parading around to the bathroom. Preparing for bed with the usual bath time routines. It’s hard for me to find the right place to really wash my face from all that the day has shown. I mean obviously the bathroom sink is a good place to start, but I’m talking about all of the skin care products that I have acquired over time. I seem to be a sucker for all the products promising to keep me looking younger or better yet, take-off-years. Really, taking off years?!? As if there is some kind of time capsule machine about to be poured out into my hands. One that will wash off whatever is left of my makeup. Transferring in some radiating, fresh out of high school skin onto my face. How about those crows feet indents that only seem to be getting deeper? I have dedicated many of hours and heaps upon heaps of soaps, creams, and scrubs standing at the bathroom sink. Wondering if all this effort is even worth all the mess and time I so diligently put in.

Step 1– Remove mascara with a small fussy cotton ball. Saturated with an oil that if placed to close to the eye, no matter what the label says, will still burn. So that should be easy seeing that it’s literally meant to go directly on my eye. Ok eyelashes, and nothing short of some other burning soap will be able to remove the now oil slopping all over my face. That’s why I don’t use those “makeup removing oils”, I so cleverly think to myself. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser– for all skin types. Costing a whopping $13.99 for a 16 fl ounce bottle, it’s a steal. I use it because it works great. It happily and gently takes off all my days’ worth of grime, including my mascara. With out needing Visine or having a mess of leftover stringy cotton ball all over my face. I think this proudly to myself as I stare down the completely full bottle sitting in my cabinet. A bottle I have no idea why I have, nor do I know why I keep. Filling my beauty products quota no less. I curse you oil makeup remover! The bottle seems to stare back at me with a yes you clever one, I’m still winning just being here, kind of smirk. Touché’ my friend.

Step 2– Scrub. Scrub with all the rocky crystals might to erase any chance of lines forming. It is my opinion, that scrubbing is one of the most important steps. I try my hardest not to skip this step because there is so much evidence proving that exfoliation of the skin is what helps prevent wrinkles. There are many great scrubs on the market but my favorite really is Rodan + Fields Micro- Dermabrasion Paste. Plenty of women and men (for that matter) sell Rodan + Fields. So you shouldn’t have a hard time getting your hands on a tub of this godsend. The scrub will run you about $78 but should last for months, even when your applying it as liberally as me. Everyone knows the best wrinkle is the one you never get. It’s much harder to un-do damage. So if you can work on preventing the damage in the first place, you will be ahead of the game. I work hard to not skip this step. It’s just so easy to skip because I finally got my makeup off and now if I could just throw on the moisturizer, toss on my pjs, I could thankfully hop in bed. Nevertheless, I do this step. I try to at least five evenings a week, and if I do skip it, I honestly do try to scrub in the morning before my shower.Gold-Collagen-Eye-Mask

Step 3– Optional mask, gel or treatment of some kind. So that’s easy, I regularly don’t do it. Well not on a daily basis. I do love masks though. Personally my new favorite is an under eye treatment from Soul Amenities Spa Splurge line called Gold Collagen Under Eye Masks. With four treatment masks in a box, it is priced nicely for just $18. I strive for once a week and when I do, I feel amazing. Just not tonight, I’m exhausted.

Step 4– Tone & Moisturize. Yay the easy part! I quickly spray a few misits of toner and wait for the firming cooling sensation to lift from my face. Toner is like Spanx for your skin. It sucks your pores up nice and tight. I can’t get enough of the lovely Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist costing $35.00 for 3.3 oz bottle. Then almost effortless, rub a light moisturizer across my forehead, checks, chin and neck. Importantly neck, don’t forget it! In the evening I actually gravitate to my newer granola self, and reach for a simple, pure cold pressed coconut oil. It’s hard in form till it reaches 76* in which it becomes liquid/oil. So if using topically on the face or body, it will be quite easy to apply. I love using coconut oil for many things, skin care is one of them.

I brush my teeth, and proudly put on my pajamas. I did it, I conquered the nighttime feat of skin care regimens. I feel like a winner. I sometimes get a boost if energy just from tackling this big, time sucking endeavor. I feel so proud I find the strength to stomp loudly back into my son’s bedroom. “Fee-fi-fo-fum”, I shout! My son giggles wildly, as if to get the last of the ants in his paints out before settling down into his slumber. I hold him and my daughter tightly as I turn the pages of their bedtime stories. While their eyes drift off to sleep and we whisper our “Our Father’s” and “I love you’s”. I’m happy. My day is truly washed away and I have no where else I’d rather be. I wait for the days in the years to come where I will get all of those, “I would of never guessed your age you look soooo much younger” comments. I hope it happens, I mean I’m paying my dues. The creams, lotions and potions all promise this glimmering hope. I could just of as easily got the kids off to bed and plopped myself down too. I made the effort though. I can count on one hand the number of times I didn’t since I was probably 12. It’s a habit, one that I hope to keep.

The other day I was out and I was referred too, among peers as “the young one, who looks even younger now with her new short hair cut”. Yes I thought, it’s working. Those bottles do have youthful properties spilling out. All my time and hard work is paying off. I am drinking from the fountain of youth. Or maybe, we should all just get a new short hair cut.





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