Something New Baby

You woke up today and I barely recognized your face
I know that smile pushing up on your checks
Along with the giggles slipping out of your mouth
Gurgling through your babble
All the noises that come from your crib
I know them well
The length of your eyelashes, so thick and long
Batting across those steely blue eyes
I pick you up squeezing you tightly
Sometimes for no reason at all, you look completely different
Like time lapse photography
Right before my eyes, you change
Today you really are different
There’s something brand new
Two shining little diamonds, resting upon your tiny ears
Sparkling brightly for all to see
Your beautiful soul seems to be beaming extra today
As if you know how grown up you have become
Your crawling, sitting, teething and pulling up to a stand
All on your own
You brave little baby
Challenging yourself to become a little girl
Slow down little one
There’s no need to rush
Your different now with your baby ears pierced
Today it’s earrings
Next month it’s cursive
Just kidding you can already do that too


  1. Loretta
    May 13, 2016


    • Cindy
      July 23, 2016

      That’s more than senbisle! That’s a great post!


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