IMG_5149Every girl knows how thrilling it can be to have an outfit they love and getting to wear it again around new eyes, can be twice as nice.Image-1

This fabulous pair of glittering lined pants will surely not be able to be worn much longer. One because they are slightly heavy and the cool days are coming to an end and two because they stand out tremendously. So I’m going to need to wait some time before I can pull these out for yet another round. In any event, I’m thrilled.

IMG_5248Just sliding them on gives me a burst of energy, I feel like a movie star. They are high waisted and tapering nicely around the ankle, slouching ever so slightly. I complement these flashy pants with a more subdued worn looking Free People sweater, that adds an element of surprise with a plunging open back. A single string races across the shoulder blades and the bottom swings up into a softly swooping bow. Underneath lies a tucked in plain white racer back tank top. I pair this up with my old favorite ballet slipper style pumps. Large clear sparkling stud earrings and a long gold beaded necklace completes this over the top ensemble.

Upon walking downstairs my husband yells out “where you going Tina Turner”. I’m choosing to take this as a compliment.

I love Tina and I’m pretty certain everyone else does too, including him. “Simply the best” I reply, these pants are simply the best. I can’t say they are some up and coming trendy item, as they were probably already out of season when I got them. The thing is, I purchased these outrageous pants a few months ago at a department store where they were already marked down three times. I got them for a steal as they had been even further placed on clearance. I figure at this point they are just prematurely vintage, and vintage is all the rage these days. So yes I am so trendy after all. I do love a good thrifty find.IMG_5027 IMG_5028 IMG_5030

Pictures from inside the fabulous art show!!

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