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Long ago and far away, in a previous month or ten. Ok not that far back but it feels like forever ago I started to switch up my salon studio, showing “before” pictures and a blog post to simplifing. Well as it turns out, it took a little longer than planned to finish up. Not for any one reason specifically, more of a collaboration of untied ends.

For starters it took me forever to find the perfect tufted bench that I was seeking. Turned out I fell in love with a couple of retro burnt yellow funky chairs instead. The bench I wanted so badly, took a backseat to an inviting conversational nook.IMG_1510


Next were the pictures. I started the whole design for my collage wall  based on a beautiful painting I found with help from social media. Thanks to a talented, old dear friend, back from high school, Rachel Cordaro and her husband Cordell Cordaro. Rachel has been coloring and drawing for as long as I could remember, always having an eye for the artistic side. Most recently she became the Corn Hill Festival  (of Rochester) cover poster featured artist! An honor her husband recevied back in 2010.Pretty special to have two featured artists under one roof. She is a stand out artist and has a long list of notable achivements to go on and on about.

Rachel and Cordell, as the talented artists that they are, occasionally even create works of arts together. Upon seeing their collaboration art pieces, I can’t help but think of the Disney movie Ratatouille. If you have never seen the children’s movie “Ratatouille“, first of all I suggest you go watch it. Second of all I will explain the simialr features.

Remy, the main character, tries to explain how delicious and sweet a strawberry can taste -Rachel specializing in her gorgeous whimsical florals. Then continues to describe the bold and savory flavors a piece of cheese holds- Cordell specializing in his eccentric asymmetrical styled people.

However, when simultaneously being enjoyed together, there is magic in the experience – blossoming botanicals with fantastically chiseled people bringing their art into something that feels like…  extordinary fireworks!!!IMG_1497

So it was a no brainer for me to start my wall off with this beautiful show stopper, the centerpiece to my collection. I slowly added in a few girls here and there. Some I’ve had for years, while others were warmly welcomed in. Along with one cover page of sheet music called “Bell of The Ball”Try This Over Your Piano. Which just sounds so sassy and forward for the day and age in which it was written, I love it!

My serene upward facing palms photo pushed me to make a spot for a style I wasn’t planning on going with in my decor. I loved this photo of the palms because I reminds me of my early morning runs on David Island. Stomping grounds to my feet, at least once or twice a week, for nearly the past thirteen years. I had to find a place for it. So in went the palm trees, high above my boldly strong yellow chairs.IMG_1508

Without getting too busy, I placed three diagonal photos below. Real pictures from my clients weddings, engagements and boudoir sessions in which I have assembled their hair and makeup. Finishing the room with a classic framed Johnny Cash vinyl record. Simply because it’s Johnny Cash.IMG_1525

Clearing out my “work” nook for a simpler, more organized space, I gutted my cabinets and shelves. I have since starting working off my leaning tower shelf for mixing colors and helping hold supplies. I added a couple new glass shelves for extra color space and new functional hooks to hold color and cutting capes.IMG_1494

Stepping it up with my new coffee, tea and wine bar. I know I can help pamper my clients, as they enjoy the comforts of the many lovely refreshments, all while getting their hair done.

Most importantly, I hope that my clients feel good and refreshed upon leaving their appointments. Beautiful and renewed from the inside out. Until the next time, when they can enjoy the experience all over again.IMG_1517

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  1. Patty
    July 9, 2016

    Love the new look. It’s always a treat to come in and unwind for a couple of hours. You always do a great job of making it a place to escape from the hectic day.


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