Full Body

Pulling up to the run down lot
I back-in carefully
I want to savior this last sip of coffee and take in any possible bursts of energy that it could provide
Also because of the sketchy neighborhood I’m in, being able to pull out fast if I need to escape

Walking through the door you can feel the eyes lock in
Like a sheep walking into a pen of wolves
Feeling out the fresh new meat
It’s time to prove yourself, to show them you can hang
Really though it’s for you, to prove to yourself that you still got it

Heading straight for the warm up
Wrapping my hands through the infinity yellow band
Back and forth over head, pulling and stretching to wake up the mussels
Stretching out my legs with long deliberate lunges
Rolling my ankles and wrists
Now it’s game time

Straight to the bike with a strong forty-five seconds on then off sequence, repeating eight times
Dropping quickly now into deep weighted squats
Rotating with balancing one legged lunges, twenty on each leg
My legs are burning, I hate these the most
Gladiator lunges, as they are sometimes called
I loath them
I can barely climb the stairs in the days following this exercise
I can feel my thighs shake, as I bring my knee back into the correct alignment

Next up, arms
One giant circular weight plate stretches up to the ceiling
Up and down pausing only for outward lifting fly’s with a slight bend at the elbows
This place is hot, the sweat is building on the my back of my neck
It’s getting harder and harder to continue
Pushing through the barrier, I make to the last rep

Switching it up to the ab contracting machine
I lock in my feet and lower my body backwards, as if to make some kind of human bridge
I find a strange feeling of comfort run through me and I am tempted to stay hanging upside down
I think this to myself just before lifting my entire locked in torso and upper body forward
Stretching my hands to my toes then back down, releasing my stomach as slowly and controlled as possible
Lots of these
I repeat this full ab workout, a lot
Crunching in my stomach until it burns so badly, it feels like it is on fire

This building feels like it’s on fire
It has little to no AC
It’s a small old mechanic warehouse
Complete with lots of machines, matts and even a real boxing ring
It’s as old and worn looking on the inside as it is outside
The paint is peeled off at the corners
The room is filled with the grunts and groans coming from the others, also pushing themselves to the max
Along with a very hard core mix of gangster rap, house and even heavy metal music
I guess you could say the tunes are eclectic

Next up squatting sideways walking lunges with a thick strong band strapped tightly across my thighs
Increasing the pulsating resistance that burns in my legs
Like adding fuel to the fire that rips under my skin as I head down and back, three full sets
I hate that I wore long paints today, shorts would have definitely been more appropriate
I feel like the cotton is clanging to my legs, almost more like wool
Suffocating me from air

Soon it’s onto chest press but with free weights
Allowing for more freedom of motion
Increasing yet again the gravity of the exercise
Alternating with skull crunchers, for the triceps to get in on the action
A quick water break and I head to my final exercise for the day

Pull ups
First the real ones
Reaching up with my fingers gripped tightly around the bar
I lift my body upward
Upward until my head is completely above the bar
Releasing down slowly
I can feel gravity and my own pure body weight challenging me to stay down
I resist and make it back up for a total of five pull ups before switching into the guided style

With a band now wrapped tightly to the overhead bar
I place one leg in the strap and pull myself up and down
My arms are indeed shaking but I’m pushing myself till I reach twelve
A magic number that was picked for the day
I have to reach it, three full sets of twelve
I want to stop as my entire body shakes, but I don’t
I feel in the last round, that I won’t make it to the finish
Eight is looking much more promising
Taking in a few quick breaths I hit ten
Up once again for eleven
Trembling through the final pull, making myself finish strong
Hitting twelve
Whooa, I cry out
It is finished, wise words once spoken

I head over to the bike to lightly spin for a couple minutes, just to help cool down
As I look around at the once intimidating gym, I feel like I belong
I feel like I earned my keep, for today at least
The others here might be lifting heavier or hitting the bag (literally- boxing gym) stronger, but I fit in too
My endurance saved me yet again
I’m never the toughest, nor fastest but I can stand with the best of the finishers
I finish what I start

Walking back to my car a feeling of power comes over me
I could probably handle myself just fine, even if I didn’t back-in my car for the quick escape
A fleeting thought that leaves just as quickly as it comes time to hop inside
When I try to lift my tired out, used up body into my SUV
Maybe I’ll continue backing-in for now but I like to think it will all be worth it this weekend
When Im wearing my bikini



Thank you Elite Strength and Conditioning!!

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  1. Deborah
    May 27, 2016

    Nice write up but I feel nauseous just reading it. Going for a slow walk!


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