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So it turns out, I found it. I found the spring that was indeed in my step, the more “summer like” outfit I was hoping for. I fell fast in love with this romantically, whimsical floral skirt by Free People as soon as I spotted it hanging on the rack at Nordstrom. I loved the colors, high waist and especially the tiny Victorian style buttons going down the center. I wasn’t exactly sure what top to wear with it but I knew I would find something during my search.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0003

I tried a few flowing tops, a couple basic tank tops and even a few t-shirt styles. I enjoyed the t-shirt quote a bit but felt that I wanted just a smudge more of a finished look. I instantly gravitated to the denim cropped top with the skinny crochet embellishment around the neckline. However, I was nervous about the amount of midriff that would be exposed, even with the high waisted skirt. After trying the skirt on with a seamstress at my side (naturally the length was going to need to be adjusted), we decided to take the skirt in, just half an inch. By tapering the skirt to fit higher up at my true waist line, I felt more comfortable. A little less skin showing, was what did the trick. After all, these were family photos not some funky concert off in the valley. I loved the feeling I got when dressing for the pictures, the feeling that was pleasing to my soul.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0024

My daughter’s outfit was a win from the start. In case you ever have a hard time finding adorable baby girl clothes, let me give you a tip,  to point you in the right direction. Everywhere. Yes, sweet, lovable baby girl clothing waits in just about any store that sells baby clothing. It’s simple really, I found so many outfits for her to wear. The hard part is actually just figuring out which of her sweet little outfits,  I happen to think, is the sweetest.

For her half year mark, I went with this adorable light denim dress that creeps up high in the back exposing her precious ruffled diaper cover. I absolutely love the company Snugglers for children’s accessories not only because they have wonderful Christian views pumping off their Instagram page but also because everything they make is exquisite. I purchased Josephina’s exceptionally charming light pink flower bloom headband and matching cream leg warmers with every intention of getting as many pictures of her wearing them as possible. I couldn’t wait to see her baby soft, chubby little thighs squeezed into those ridiculous cotton leg warmers. Finishing her look down to her toes, with simple sliver shoes.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0094

My nearly (now) three year old little boy has always been a treasure to dress. I have found myself drooling at the edibly, delicious clothing they make for little boys to steal their mama’s hearts. Just as he does.

Salvatore looked delightful in his light blue linen pants and dapper pink collared shirt. As confident as any toddler should be, he wore his pink shirt well for his sisters photo shoot.  While most days he absolutely insists on wearing his blue rain boots with whatever adorns his body- even nothing at all,  he was pleasantly excited about wearing his brown leather sandals because he said “they looked like daddy’s”. I’m pretty sure my husband doesn’t own any brown, velcro strapped sandals but I certainly wasn’t going to be the one to mention that fact. He was happy just like his sister, so that was all that mattered.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0080

As for my husband’s clothing, I usually, take that back, I never dress him. Matter of fact, he is usually dressed better then me, better quality at least. His job often requires him to have nice business attire, including occasional sports jackets and such- except of course if he’s “on site” or “in the field” as they say. So the whole men’s look is really all him. He did however, ask me to go with him to help pick out a shirt. While strolling through the mall, our son AND daughter ended up falling asleep. We had a blast just walking around chatting with coffee & teas in hand and ended up picking up his fun Tommy Bahama relaxed fit shirt. I thought it was so great and strangely enough, he liked it too. So the stars aligned and we all ended up with outfits. Go figure.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0059

The evening was great when we arrived to the park. Beautiful sunset, people all around, boats on the water and children playing games in the grass. Our Salvatore had a blast “helping” wheel the red flyer wagon all over the grounds of Tampa Bay’s Water Works Park. While taking a couple pictures of the kids together he lifted up the black metal handle and shouted “Bing Bong, Bing Bong”. (Which for those of you who have never watched the movie “Inside Out”, this is actually the imaginary character jingle). Josephina bursted out laughing and was squealing with delight while her big brother sang along the catchy tune that makes the wagon run on song power. The more she laughed the louder he sang. It was a moment I am certainly glad to have captured in time. Along with all the pictures from that evening at the park. Christi Curtis worked her photography talents as usual, all while we sang and danced and all fell down.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0171



We thank you Christi for capturing our littles, we will cherish these pictures long after you have taken them. We will hold close our babies, as well as, that night in the park.5.25.16DarcyGrecoFamily0183

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