It’s been almost seven years since I moved into my big corner office.

Ok so it’s really a studio inside a salon. After working my way up the pole, I was upgraded with more square footage, high ceilings, a private shampoo sink, giant windows, and a private entrance and patio. Not too shabby. Of course at the time, shabby was about what I had left in my wallet after buying a shampoo sink and hiring to rework the plumbing and a few electrical outlets, and naturally priming and painting every inch of these high walls. I only had a few pieces to fill the much larger space. However over the years I have purchased items that allow for not only function but also comfort and style.IMG_5374

The “seven year itch” as it’s so commonly known. Or maybe it’s just a case of the “I just need a change”. Words spoken at a salon on a very regular basis. Like the Flu going through a Kindergarden classroom. Once one person makes a change, everyone else wants to as well. Whether were cutting our hair off, going platinum, or changing the hue on our walls. It’s a bug that I definitely caught. I’ve been hit hard this year with these changes as not even three months ago I cut more than twelve inches off my hair, after losing a bet with my husband. A bet that I was happy to lose because it was really more to my benefit, but a loss none the less.

-Word of advice

Don’t place bets with your spouse unless you’re really going to go through with them. If you do change your mind you can’t really avoid seeing them for too long because at some point your bound to bump into them somewhere meticulous like the kitchen. They will always have the upper hand if you back out. So don’t back out or keep your bets low.IMG_5393

I will be sure to give an update when the project is completed. Along with the obvious paint color changes, I will be rearranging some things to suit my clients needs as well as my own. I also will be adding a couple new special featured elements that I’m super excited to share for all to see. Oddly enough some of the biggest changes will be the eliminations that I’m going to be making. Over the years I have accumulated more than I could use and based on the giant bags of trash we took out, I really look like a border line hoarder. Less is more. Clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Just the refreshing boost that I needed, this month.



  1. Deborah
    April 22, 2016

    Can’t wait to see end results.
    Trying to be home long enough to work on less is more after a mice invasion. What’s happens after you lose your last cat!

  2. Betheden
    May 4, 2016

    Jeez I’m so out of the loop ! I’ve gotta make the long (25 steps) journey overthrew and check out the space 👀…..excited to see the new look!

    • admin
      May 5, 2016

      Ha yeah now if I could just get some time to finsh it up!


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