Oh LuLaRoe, I love you so!

Where art thee

Oh LuLaRoe

I could wear you daily

I love you so

The way your fabric stretches and fits

To pair with my T-shirts, sweaters or tunics

When the question doth come

For me every morning

I reach for a wild print

With my inner child soaring

Leggings ranging from solids to strips

And even feather prints

It’s a one size fits all

So everything fits

Then there’s dresses and skirts

Some with secret pockets inside

Transitioning your day into evening

Setting business aside

Looking for gifts

You’re bound to find something nice

With such great prices and quality

You won’t have to think twice

Encouraging to help others

and giving clothing out

It’s no wonder you’ve grown this business

And now you’re all about

So when you’re out of ideas

Or nothing to wear

You need a quick outfit

With no time to spare

Just go to Hillary on Facebook

At LuLaRoebyhillaryhalloway

Where you can thank her later

For saving the day!






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