Of Panties and Women

I was sitting in a lovely new mom’s group one afternoon while the topic of letting things go came up. I have met some of my favorite girlfriends inside these groups, so I hope they will find the humor to this silly topic of mine, again. Taking notes on how to be comfortable and happy with the tasks we do accomplish in the day and the fact that we are not able to get as much done as we used to be able to do. This was not an easy subject for me. I take on more than my fair share and I have no intentions of letting go of the many tasks I have at hand.

I thrive on doing a lot.

We were teasing ourselves with the “I didn’t take a shower today” and “I haven’t cooked dinner in a week” comments when I said something that I had been really feeling frustrated about out loud. “ I just threw all my underwear in the drawer” I said, and waited for the gasps. “Was it clean?” someone asked. “Well of course it was clean, but I didn’t even sort it into their categories”, I said. I was waiting for the horror to fall over their faces when I realized maybe not everyone organizes their panties. A thought that had never really crossed my mind before.IMG_5849

All jokes aside, it makes perfect sense to let go of some things as a mama. Or maybe even just putting less on your plate for each day, so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. So I have let go. Some of the many things that I let slide are shortening the distances in which I run, pulling my hair back into a ponytail/ headband- again, PB&J’s for lunch and sometimes even dinner, letting my son watch TV, not caring when the lines from my freshly vacuumed carpet vanish within minutes of cleaning, things of that nature. I have a ton more items to attach to this list but there are some things that by not doing can actually make your life harder. Somethings in life are not worth letting go of. In the week prior to this mom’s group I tried “letting go” of my panty drawer, and it was killing me.

How to Organize your Panties

Step 1- Remove everything from drawer to have a clean slate. Wipe out and optionally lay a fresh dryer sheet inside.

Step 2- Sort out old undies that you should never wear again, and then throw them away. How many times do you really want to pick up the pair that pulls in all the wrong spots, or has that little tear on the side. Get rid of them, you’re doing yourself a favor.

Step 3- Categorize your underwear. People tend to get stuck here, so here is a list of my recommendations and you can customize to your liking.
Boy cut
Full coverage
Workout & less favored panties

Step 4- Enjoy your new lifestyle with ease and comfort!!!

Why you should Organize your Panties

Thinking of taking on this extra responsibility while folding laundry, you should. There are so many great reasons to organize and maintain an organized panty drawer. I, for one, typically work out early in the morning and I want to be able to throw on my active wear and go. I don’t want to find out after my workout but before showering, that I accidentally threw on one of my beloved Hanky Panky’s or Anthropology intimates!! I want to be sure the good ones like my seamless Body by Victoria’s will stay with me for the proper occasions. Nothing can ruin an outstanding outfit more then having the wrong undies on underneath. Also in a pinch, it’s nice to be able to quickly see what is accessible to go underneath the slightly more sheer dresses and or pants that you may toss on. Nobody wants to see your underwear and the people who do, are people you definitely don’t want to. Leaving a little to the imagination is more than desirable, it is optimal.IMG_5848

I feel so fortunate to have stumbled upon my fabulous time saving drawer. I like to think that women everywhere will applaud the welcomed accessibility to life’s little feats. I know I’m more than pleasantly surprised when a delicate laced pair rise to the top. Or the funky striped flowers stare back at me. One of my clients and I got talking the other day about panties and how great they can make you feel. She quickly admitted how she gets so excited to see her black skull and cross bones on the top of her pile. Yes, I thought, I need a pair like that; I’m so bad to the bone myself. Life’s too short to spend it wearing uncomfortable or anything less than cute panties. Let your wild side shine with glitter and leopard print! It really is a remarkable moment while figuring out what to wear, when my favorite bold Aztec pattern appears to the top! Truly it’s like winning the lotto, yes indeed today will be a great day, I think while sliding them on.IMG_5851


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  2. Deborah
    May 12, 2016

    My list is a little different than yours but of course you organize your panties!
    I might not have thongs but I do have for bed only, why would I waste a favorite pair for sleeping.


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