The other night I had a dream that I was doing an old fashioned finger wave on a little red-headed woman. In the dream, it was a true wet finger wave complete with high ridge formations. A technique from back in hair school (hair school which was nearly fifteen years ago, a random blast from the past in dream land). In school we had to complete many of these old fashioned styles. This method is for some reason still a part of the state boards to receive your cosmetology license. Any ways, it became clear to me that the red head I was working on in my dream, was in fact, my mother-n-law. So while grown women of the world may be dreaming of romantic get-away vacations with their spouse. Or lovely outings to the beach, walking along the sand with their children. I’m dreaming about setting my mother-in-law’s hair. She’s a good sport, so I’m sure she would appreciate the humor.IMG_5310

Any ways, I told her that now I really want to fancy her hair up in an ole Gatsby style. In good fashion she of course, had an upcoming fundraiser approaching with an “Evening in Oz” theme. We decided to go with the forties feel, as that was the time the movie was released. A simple black dress equipped with shoulder pads. Black, closed toe, sling back pumps, heavily encrusted rhinestone earrings and a string of pearls helped accent the ensemble. Dark smoky eye shadow with bright rouge colored lips. Allowing for the glamorous hair to be the stand out feature of the complete look.

8 Steps to create this hairstyle

  1. Start with a strong side part on either side of the head.
  2. Heavily spraying some kind of setting spray to allow for the curls to hold best. My go to spray is Redken Hot Sets with a 22 hold along with a good shine spray like Bed Head Smooth and Seal.
  3. Using a 1inch barrel curling iron curl the hair forward (rolling towards the face) in about two inch section going around the head, stopping only when you get to the ear on opposite side. Rolling all the curls in the same direction. Using a duck bill clip or even just a bobby pin to secure the curl in place, allowing the curl to cool and set longer.
  4. At this point all of the hair is pinned up with the exception of the hair on one side of the face to the nearest ear. Grabbing still about two inch sections, switch the direction of the curling iron. Rolling these piesces two toward the face. There will probably only be about 2-3 sections rolling forward to the face but in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair.

    ***I like to switch gears and do the makeup at this time to provide ample time for the hair to set. If not applicable, still allow the hair to set for an additional three to five minutes before taking down.

  5. Carefully un-pinning the hair begin to brush out the curls in a smoothing motion.
  6. Lightly back comb the hair to clump together the rolled sections, then repeat the smoothing brush strokes.
  7. Around the face press your hands down onto the curls. Comb the hair following the direction in which the curls want to go. Spray the hair with hairspray as you go down the hair shaft. Making ocean wave like motions.
  8. If needed, secure with a few bobby pins underneath the surface at the scalp.

IMG_5304Practice makes perfect with a style like this. It’s not something we do every day, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t turn out the way you want the first time. Keep trying it will come. Plus it doesn’t need to be perfect anyway. Modify it into something you do like, and wear it with confidence. If you do find error with your finished result you can, in keeping with the time period, shout out “Phous Balonus” aka “that’s nonsense” or “that’s horse shit”. Don’t worry too much, your “mistake” may be the next new trend.IMG_5309


  1. Deborah
    April 13, 2016

    The makeup, hair and the whole put together came out fabulous. Hope she had a good time at the fundraiser.

    • admin
      April 15, 2016

      She looked great and had a wonderful time! xo


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