Landing Our Bike

If we had gone to the moon, it wouldn’t have mattered
With our helmets on heads, plus one to spare
Your little sister and I set off to get you from school
Pressed for time, as not to be late
We whooshed around bends, over bridges, under overpasses and thorough one tunnel
Passing two high schools, three gas stations, five contraction zones, a few restaurants, a couple banks, one University and naturally a Starbucks.
All this trouble
Just to see you smile
With landing gear down
We floated in gracefully
Arranging sister and I’s messy helmet hair
Smoothing it out as best I can so that your surprise can still be disguised
Waiting in the line of doting moms, including myself
Your searching eyes find mine
“Mama, your back”
“Yes I’m here, I have something special for you today”
“You do, mama, I love you”
Stepping out side with a few others around, admiring your stylish ride
Your eyes light up as you let out a squeal
“Oh my, oh my”
Such giddy charm
So excited you can barley form one of your sweet little youthful sentences
A few onlooking piers with excited faces
Longing for their chance to be leaving school in such style
We landed our helicopter on the roof, or at least that’s how it seemed
Propellers causing a whirl of commotion
I parked it right next to the bike rack
This was “the most, best, best day ever” you exclaim, in your three year old voice
And I’m sure that it was, for now
I hope you always remember this day, and the many others like it
Looking back at it fondly in years to come
Know how much I love you, my son
Your pilot, aka Mama
The time comes to depart
All three helmets secured upon our heads
Buckled in tightly
Clear for take off
We ride


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  1. Deborah
    December 1, 2016

    Your children will learn from you to be active and healthy and the happiness they share today whether or not they remember will shape who they become.


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