I’ve got you Covered

“You breastfeed, you don’t look like you would?” “Oh, yes, yes I do. Obviously my largely endowed top has fooled you. I know I don’t look a whole lot different from the front to the back, but yes I am indeed a nursing mama”.

I’ve been known for doing  a bit of multitasking. Dabbling into this and that probably while still finishing up a past task. I have always piled a lot on my plate- figuratively and literally, but when I became a mama my multitasking skills were sharpened to a point.

One task, that is really more of a pleasure and not exactly a “job”, although it is something I spend the most hours a week doing and all day everyday providing. A talent, if you will, that I cherish the most, nursing my sweet baby girl.

I absolutely loved nursing my son when he was a baby and after the first few weeks I was pleasantly surprised to see how naturally  it fit into our lives. It worked for us, just the same as bottle feeding works for others. I knew from my experience with my son as an infant nursing and playing all the games of peek a boo, that I would need a new game plan for my daughter. Surely, I would be chasing around my toddler occasionally during our feeding sessions and I wanted to have something with a bit more coverage if we were out and about galavanting around town.

That’s when I found Milk Snob and my life was saved. Ok that’s a bit strong but truly, Milk Snob covers are a game changer. I chose a very brightly printed fabric for my cover. At the time I was just coming off of bed rest. A time in my life that I found to be extremely challenging and after all that laying around I was ready for a bit of excitement in my life! Bring on life and the brightly colored baby covers.

With so many fabrics, the options are abundant.
The real beauty of the cover though is not just in the fabric but in the design. A full swing of 360* coverage. No side exposure to worry about when your baby begins to “play”. The lightweight fabric is nice and breathable – especially for Florida’s sweltering temperatures.

Also when you’re done, you may find, depending on which style you choose, the nursing cover easily transitions into a car seat cover. Helping to keep out the sun rays, light rain or pesky onlooking strangers who may try to reach in and touch your precious cargo!

Whether you are in the market or you have a friend expecting/ in need of a cover that actually covers, you will be happy to have found Milk Snob!!!

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  1. Loretta
    September 23, 2016

    You make everything look so easy. Your attitude is the key! You make it work because you WANT to. You make it easy for everybody around you. Keep up the good work. L


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