It’s Father’s Day!


I hope your ready men because your annual vacation day is nearly here! That’s right it’s Father’s Day!!!!


This Sunday should be a day to remember, as we mamas are ready to you blow you away! We are prepared to let you sleep in for once! You got that right, rest. While we tend to the children- quietly as not to disturb your slumbering bliss.


As you doze, you can be comforted with thoughts of a clean house, probably a couple loads a laundry folded and put away. No need in worrying about those silly items on that long list, that I’m sure you have!


Meanwhile, we’ll go ahead and restock the magazine pile in the bathroom or maybe just add an extra phone charger- I would hate for you to get bored in there, and please don’t rush!! Yes, this time is your time, so take as much as you please.


We mamas will continue to hit the “still watching” button for the second time- thank you Netflix for asking. Your beckoning call is our command.


Need a drink- you got it, can’t find the remote- we’ll pass it, even if it is closer to you and I do hope it’s to an enchanting sporting channel. I know how Sunday’s can be a real challenge to find anything recreationally related. Hopefully soon, the athletic ban will be lifted and Sunday could be filled with a plethora of action packed sports!


Hard time finding your socks- don’t struggle we’ll retrieve them miraculously from the sock drawer. Don’t forget today is completely about you- a day un-like any other!


Topping this once a year national holiday off nicely with prepared and served hot dinner. Made from food, we went and picked out from the grocery store. Yes tonight, allow us to put the children to bed and don’t you worry about those dishes or stack of papers on the counter. I know they say it’s not like there going to take care of themselves. That’s right, because mama will! Which reminds me you also have one and it would be nice for you to call her back.

Oh and please wait up for me because I’m feeling full of energy (like most evenings) and wish to give you one heck of a foot massage. I know your feet, they must ache.


Happy Fathers Day to all those amazing daddy’s!!!

Just kidding, honestly I couldn’t do life without you babe!! Xo


Plus, my guy is totally confident and barely reads my “mom” blog- something about having the pleasure of living with me being enough of my ranting’s!!!

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