It’s Darling Wild, Love

I’m having a bit of baby driven focus on my blog lately. Maybe it’s that my sweet little girl just reached her very first birthday! Hold the tears… but I seriously can’t believe how fast this past year has gone. So in honor of my daughter’s new found stage of independence, we are coincidently entering separation anxiety. Which I’m finding I’m having a bit of my own as well.

She cries out for me with her little legs running as fast as they can carry her across the room to get to me. We both reach out in desperation to embrace for yet another long, drawn out hug. Truly, Rose and Jack have nothing on us. We melt into each other’s arms and squeeze tightly. This should hold us over, for now, but it doesn’t. So we repeat (and I let it, as I enjoy this love and affection) a few more times. Soon I have to be a grown up and actually leave for work. In which case I have one little trick up my sleeve. A teething necklace.

My daughter is already sporting a few teeth, six to be exact. She has found great comfort in my handmade (not by me) teething necklace from Darling Wild. I often wear them while getting ready in the morning before leaving for work, school etc. My daughter sits snuggled into my hip, bracing one hand around my back with her other gripped onto a favorite necklace of choice. She grinds her gums around the large beads of the neckless as I go through the motions of getting ready in the morning. Then as I inevitably do have to head for the door,  I serenade her with our very special teething necklace.

She smiles joyfully as she is entrusted with such a valuable, then still slightly cries out for a repeat goodbye scene. She is calmer though with her important possession.

My sitter holds her providing the comfort that she needs, while she holds close her necklace. My farewell gift- farewell for a few hours at least.

Other days when there is no rushing, I simply wear my necklace proudly. They are really comfortable. Nothing like the rubber styles you find in stores that pull all your hair out from the back of your head! Strung fabrics or ribbon tie them together nicely. Ranging in a variety of color options and styles. Including baby and me matching sets! She is happy to grab on for pure entertainment or actual teething comfort. Happy for her and happy for me. Receiving compliments all over town from strangers. “I love your necklace, where did you find that?”

“It’s Darling Wild, love”!!!




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  1. Deborah
    October 8, 2016

    Another good read❤️


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