I’ve been told for years that I am never short for words, long winded, would do well in radio or that I plainly, yes, talk a lot. I forget to put in periods, as I seem to prefer commas and run-on-sentences. My husband has a little game he likes to play with me to “get to the point” as he says. It’s called “three sentences or less”. Ok so it’s not really a game, but the object is for me to get out all the important details, that I so badly need to tell him, in you’ve guessed it, three sentences or less. After that I’ve been informed, that he may or may not be fully listening as we have now moved into quiet time. Some people may think that this is rude or disrespectful. However, it’s actually the contrary. It would be very disrectful of me to not participate in a clear communication activity such as this, occasionally. Most days of the week my loving husband lets me go on and on. Filling up his ears with all sorts of details and ideas. Then there are times, on occasion, that he needs to be in quiet/ relax time. This is not him being some kind of bully. This is him being honest and me accepting how he functions best. Some people do function this way. They need this time for thier brain to unwind.

It’s actually helped us tremendously in our relationship. I now know when its crunch time, with words that is. I have to figure out the most important and direct ways to get my points across. He is an introvert. I am an extravert. He enjoys long periods of quiet. While I actually do my best thinking out loud, or at least on paper. It’s actually good that we’re together, for many reasons of course, but at the top of the list would be for the balance that is created among us. If it wasn’t for me, he would probably be bored. His life would be lived often at a low to no decibel, and without him, I would forget to actually stop talking. It’s beautiful to talk and be engaged but there is a lot to be said about saying nothing at all. Which is a pretty funny phrase you hear, if I were to guess, by a fellow friend of many words as well.

It’s not hard to see how I’ve grown into having so much to say. After all I come from a long line of heavily worded people. My mother is a talker. My father and grandfather were big talkers. Mater of fact, my grandfather used to tell the longest stories ever. So long that know one even seemed to remember what it was he was even talking about in the first place. My grandmother usually talks from the time we arrive at her house, till the last step out the door. It seems to be in my blood. Words that is, many of them. The world moves so fast and I feel as though I’m just trying to keep up with it. Of course, I like to fully capture all the details and its so hard to paint a picture with just words. If I haven’t even told you how all the colors of characters came about in the first place. There’s your primary colors of red, yellow and blue, that depending on how much light or darkness can gravely change the angle of an image I’m trying to depict. Without explaining the tone and concentration of a hue, how on earth could someone expect to have an accurate description of all that has to be said.

Yes, I talk. A lot. It’s what makes me and my stories worth sharing. Or at least, I hope, worth reading. I have been graced with so many wonderful opportunities and experiences. I simply wish to share it all, with full detail and use of imagery. In all the glorious colors that should help create and capture any imagination. I believe there is so much richness in life and I hope to be able to hold the attention of all who hear or read. For just long enough to enjoy the drifting thoughts of the mind. I plan to try to capture all this and more with every entry. The way my mother says all stories should start, “In the beginning, when the earth was cooling”.

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