Hat Day

My blow dryer broke today
Not before I started, or even at the end
It broke in the middle
Half of the hairs on my head are smooth and dry
While the others still drip
If I knew it was going to break, I wouldn’t have started
I would have worn my hair curly on purpose
Like driving up to a closed road, noticing the detour sign too late
If it could have just waited for me to finish, fizzling out at the end
I could have gone to the store and got a new one, in proper form
Instead I have a mop on my head
It’s somewhere in between
Walking around with my hair in purgatory, for all to see
Ponytail, yes please
But even this pony is frizzing fast
After all it was the bottom section that was already dried
Now the top sits soaking through
I guess I’ll grab a hat




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