Happy Mama’s Day Loves!


Look at this mess

It’s it neat

Wouldn’t you say my Restoration Hardware table’s complete?

Wouldn’t you say I’m a mama?

A mom who has everything

I’ve got Lego’s and train tracks a plenty

I’ve got baby doll’s giggling galore

You want lunch boxes?

I’ve got 20

But who cares

No big deal

I want more…

I wanna go where the people go

Dancing and dining, where people serve them

I wanna do that thing that people do at night…

What’s that word?

Oh yeah, sleep.


Up where they walk, up where laundry’s done, up where they have nap time just for fun…

How it must be…

Wish I could be…

Part of that world


Just kidding I love my babies and picking up the same toys 30 times a day!

Wait what’s for dinner?

Happy Mother’s Day!!


Mama Life is tough!!

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  1. Patty
    May 13, 2017

    Love it!


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