Today I was a good mom.

I was good at listening, redirecting, providing engaging learning opportunities and showering my children with love. Today my house is a mess. The laundry is not done. The floors went untouched and the clean dishes in the dishwasher still need to be put away. We even cheated once stealing a sippy cup right out of the dishwasher not touching anything else that sat inside. The clean dishes all gleamed with almost a smile as I opened the door but I was lazy or better yet I was busy playing pirates with my son while my daughter rolled all around. I was too busy to stop and put them away, for now.

I had a feeling today would slip away from me so luckily I planned ahead, a little.

I started my big Monday laundry day on Sunday night. I managed to get all the loads done and clothes folded in their baskets except for the last load of whites that will now need to be fluffed. All the clothes are still waiting in their baskets ready to go upstairs and be put away neatly.IMG_4855

We had a birthday party to get to this morning that was packed with some of my son’s closest friends. The party was held outside at a lovely little fenced in park. The children climbed stairs and ladders, crawled through tunnels and raced down slides. They made superhero masks and ran amuck. Chasing squirrels, lizards and each other till they all fall down, to of course get back up again. Naturally they recharged with yummy protein packed chicken nuggets from Chick-Fill-A and heaping piles of fruit. Finishing with the ever so popular frosted cupcakes for a true birthday dessert.IMG_4983

Then we were off to the grocery store. A task that many fear with little ones but in all honesty, I really enjoy. See I never really used to love going to the grocery store but I find going with my kiddos to be really exciting, truly. I get a kick out of picking out fruits and vegetables with my son and, of course, telling my infant daughter all about them. I love getting input from my son as to what we should bring home and create. He is always delighted to see the fish lying over ice. The coffee section is a big hit as well because we’ve trained him to make ours in the morning. I’ll pause for my proud mommy moment here. Ok we have a Kuerig, so all he has to do is place a pod in the container and push a button, but still it’s his “job” and he does it well.

Nap time was brief when we got home which is another reason why I missed out on tidying up any extra today. I did venture into trying my hand at cooking fresh collard greens for the first time today. I bathed (thoroughly rinsed) and sautéed them in yummy garlic and shallots in a giant pot on the stove. Greens cook down a lot and so I steamed up two large bundles of them carefully cutting out the core stems. A little chicken stock, lightly add salt and pepper then it took care of itself after that. Grabbed a bag of frozen shrimp out of the freezer and dumped the almost thawed shrimp into a pot with a heavy sprinkling of Old Bay seasoning. Just steamed them up till they were thoroughly cooked and dinner was served with fresh bakery bread and the ever so popular butter, which we use in our house. Real grass fed full strength butter.IMG_4835

Soon we were coloring Easter eggs and trying our hand at different dipping combinations. I pulled the larger foam play mat into the kitchen for my six month old daughter who thinks she can now crawl. Allowing her to be as engaged in our conversations as she could possibly be for her ripe little age. My son ran back and forth from his playroom to the counter waiting patiently for the colors to fully stain the eggs, each and every time with a new little toy. Soon most of his play room was speckled across our house. White fencing from his barn, pirate figurines and numerous amounts of train track lay among our carpeted living room.

After all our adventures of cooking and coloring my son volunteered to help wash the dishes in the sink. Yes the dishes and at least the floor surrounding our sink was indeed washed after all. Soap, suds and lots of water leaked out over the tile floors below. After wiping down the floors and counters, we head upstairs for a quick bath and pajamas. Finishing with our favorite series of Thomas the Train stories before closing our eyes on this wonderful fun packed day.

I must have walked by the closet where our mop and vacuum reside fifty times.

I have to work all day tomorrow so I know there is a slim to no chance that anything productive to the house will happen. Tomorrow I will be a professional, a good one I hope. Styling my clients hair with new spring colors and fresh haircuts. Finishing the complete look of course with a beautiful blow out. Adulating in conversation and professionalism will be of the upmost importance. I always give my best and hope my clients know how much I deeply do care.

Wednesday I’ll be back for this old house. I’ll play domesticated home maker. Things will be there when you reach for them and the home will be fragrant in clean linen and maybe even a fresh bouquet of flowers for the table. I will try to get up early and get most of it done before the kids awake, but after my even earlier morning run. I’m not even going to worry about this messy house, I know it will be patiently waiting for me till then.IMG_5081


The Mother of all Mothers, our sweetness and our hope. May we aspire to share your motherly love.

O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary. Pray for us, O holy Mother of God.

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