Forming Healthy Habits & My Go To Juice

January has proven to be an extremely cleansing month in our home. Fresh starts and healthy habits for the year, undoubtedly anchoring it’s teeth into our skin. They say to try something new for thirty days to make it a habit. Without even realizing anything is new or different, soon it won’t be. The thing or obstacle you have set to claim your own, will indeed quickly become routine. Part of your everyday tasks, as regular as breathing to supply oxygen through out your body. Yet maybe not nearly as pertinent.

Taking in many new or maybe even “lightly used” habits that we would like to sharpen and push further forward to the front of the line. Habits that we could quickly reach for within arms length. Rolling out my crazy big and time consuming “juicer” to a more convenient place IN the kitchen for example.

Crazy how having something in a more accessible place alows for me to actually use it! Yes I had to declutter some shelves to make way, but so far I have found that I haven’t once reached for the old items. I suppose I didn’t really need an entire Cousy collection. The two I decided upon will work just as well the next time I find myself tailgating or boating down the bay. (Oh that’s right we don’t really go to football games, nor do we tailgate. Also we do not own a boat as much as my mind refuses to except this fact).

Revamping my thermoses also proved to me that I had very little matching sets. Out with the broken/ disheveled bottles without lids and down to a small handful of four. Just four, which I can say is probably still two too many. I now let go of the time consuming pity party I throw, and pre-make a bit of juice for later that day or the next.

Yes fresh juice is best served immediately but I’m pretty sure when “they” completed their study “they” weren’t thinking about the chocolate chip cookies I would alternatively be inhaling for my energy boost. Given a choice between the “day old/ less nutritious” juice and scarcity of vitamins. I would imagine the non- chemical pumped treat would win all day long. Juicing can be fun to do with little ones too. My three year old son loves to help me make carrot/ apple juice, that he then proudly sips all day long. Drinking in his fruits and vegetables, mama cheers!

Planning makes things convenient, convenience makes things happen. It’s that simple. If you want to be successful at something make a plan, then do it. You can always go back and make adjustments but start now. Drink it, eat it, climb it, run it, save for it, and make time for it. Force yourself to put it into your schedule in the beginning so that in the end it will be done mindlessly. Breathe in your next task, make it your oxygen.
My all time favorite go to juice…

Green Lemonade

Kale- Handful
Cucumber- 1
Ginger- about an inch cut from the root (or more if you like it spicy like me)
Lemon- 1 whole lemon w/the ride of your juicer can handle
Green Apple- 1 whole apple (2 if you want sweeter)

Cation : this drink will cause you to have energy

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