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Family photo time, again.

So once again, we have family pictures coming. What is it about taking professional family photos that leaves me with the desire to check off a million different boxes. I find myself searching through catalogs, Pinterest and actual stores looking for the perfect feeling. After all, a picture is all about trying to freeze the feelings we have attached to the moments. Hashtag -be still my heart (#bestillmyheart). A popular phrase noted all over social media and for good reason. We want so badly to freeze time, with our little ones especially. Pausing the fleeting moments we rush through every day, then look back and realize yet another month has flown by. I try to take pictures, and if you were to ask my husband, I’m somewhat successful at taking many photos along our weekly journeys.IMG_5905

Of course, taking family pictures is one of my husband’s favorite past times. I can almost feel his roar of enthusiasm through the text message sent confirming the photo date and time. Most guys love photography sessions, they anxiously wait for the next special occasion with baited breath. Ok no takers but everyone always enjoys when the pictures are done and they have adorable memories in the palms of their hands, or computer hard drives. There is just a special something that happens when you hire a “real” photographer.


We choose to do a first year milestone package with our son, so it made sense to us to do something similar with our daughter. Not an actual package this time but images during the near appropriate phases. A typical milestone photography package might include pregnancy, newborn, 6 months and one year photos.


Due to an awesome case of bed rest at the end of my second pregnancy (five long weeks), we were lucky to find our amazing photographer Laura Gattis. She has an incredible studio out of an old cigar warehouse that is super close to our home and was willing to work around all my restrictions. I’m forever thankful for you Laura!!! Her work is truly exquisite. She was able to take most of our pictures “lying down” -ha thank you bed rest.

IMG_5902As well as a couple quick shots standing. She specializes in working with natural light, using simple materials along with fairly neutral hues. She creates very organic and beautifully raw images. She also wowed us with our daughter’s newborn session!! I love her and her work.IMG_5903




Another show stopper set of photographers that we have used many times in the past, is a loving and charismatic husband and wife team, Sara and Jason Martin with Concept Photography.FullSizeRender-1


I can’t say enough good things about them. They have taken more photos of us than we should probably admit and in many different locations- still so thankful that you guys were willing to get on that airboat!!! FullSizeRender-2Traveling all over the world for clients, literally, they seem to specialize in their superlative work with impeccable weddings. We started with them back when we were doing our engagement photos along with our first pregnancy photos. Also they are amazing with boudoir work. Capturing your body in all the right angles and light, with at least one glass of champagne in your system, in an old swanky hotel, or something like that. We have gotten very close over the years, closest of course that day down in Ybor City!FullSizeRender-3 They work together feeding off your energy, allowing them to bring a real sense of life to the photos they take. Looking forward to seeing them again in the years to come soon!!IMG_5906




We found a sweet and sensitive soul to capture our son’s first year pictures and we are looking forward to working with her again in less than a week for our daughters half year mark, yes she’s almost eight months but who’s counting. 11.11.14DarcyGreco(BB4)0049

Christi Curtis with Unique Portraiture is extremely patient, kind and has a loving motherly eye. She herself has two sweet and rambunctious children so she understands the dynamics of getting playful images.

IMG_5908She is flexible and careful to capture all the crazy ideas that I get in my head. I am very excited to see her and her work at the end of this month!!!11.11.14DarcyGreco(BB4)0010



I know at the end of the day the pictures will be delightful. Yet I still stumble on what to dress the children in, what location will be best and what we should wear. One of the nice things about having someone else take family photos is being able to have your whole family in them- via daddy & mama, at the same time. I certainly don’t want matchie matchie but I would like it to look like we all left from the same house. I’ve pretty much got the kiddo’s looks nailed down, sorta, but I keep gravitating toward darker “fall” colors. However it’s spring and pretty hot and I really feel full of life. I’m not trying to create some gloomy image for what really is a cheerful time in my daughter’s life. I’m waiting for the right look to jump out at me, but so far it’s just my two year old jumping out of the clothing stands as I search. So I plan to go back later this week and just go for it, whatever “it” might be. It’s not what I was expecting but I guess I don’t really know what to expect anyways. Christi recently asked me what “look” I’m going for with these pictures and I said I honestly don’t know. I guess we will just have to see when we get there. Whatever “it” is will be just right for us.


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  1. Loretta
    May 19, 2016

    I can’t wait to see josaphina’s sequal photos. If they are as good as the one you took of her last week, they will be something to see.


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