Cape Flapping in the Wind

Some days you feel like a super hero with your cape waving behind you in the wind. While others, your cape is stuck in the door. Yesterday I was victorious! I hopped in the car to see a shiny little yellow light blinking back at me, with a heavy heart I told my kids (that were just packed up for morning adventures) that we would need to take a detour over to the car repair shop. Thank goodness their so flexible. My son was just as happy with the bottle of yellow Gatorade that I picked up for him as a bribe when we stopped for gas. Luckily I had the double stroller in the car so we dropped of my vehicle and went for a run.

The beautiful fall weather is certainly upon us here in Florida and helped in making for a very pleasant morning run. Blasting off down bayshore (pretending we were in a rocket ship) with my son eagerly waiting to swing by Hyde Park Village for playground fun. He loves the village, along with my daughter who lit up when seeing the plastic and rubber combinations of children’s climbing obstacles. “Oh were here, were here!” Win for mom. Huge bonus, we ended up running into one of my son’s little school playmates so they played and chased each other all around.

After some time we decided to stroll down through the village to check in on the pumpkin patch seance. Taking a few action shots, turned heads, closed eyes all the same memorable pictures. Of coarse stoping into the ever so popular Pottery Barn kids. A store my son thinks is made for play, distracting him with all the excitement of bedrooms and train sets displayed through out the store. Looking down at my phone with no messages from the car shop, I remembered that I had a Groupon  about to expire for poetry painting just a few stores down. Perfect time killer!img_6834

With construction work being down throughout the village, I think the women were slightly less hesitant in seeing myself with two very young children excited to paint. People traffic has been slow with all the challenges in getting parking spaces and road closures, so I think they were happy to have customers, even if they could possibly knock over every single pieces of fragile pottery in the blink of an eye.

My son choose a dinosaur and also a shark mug for him and his sitter to give to their father. Picking out a very interesting pallet of colors- somewhat grownup tones, we painted. All of us, baby included. We finished just in time to hear my phone ring and be told that my car was finished. I only needed air in my tires and an oil change. Wahoo!! Looking down at my phone again, I finally noticed the time. 2:33PM. HOLY COW, Today is Wednesday, you have swim class at 3pm, and today is your last class, we have to go!

Here enters motherly super powers. Not every day, not every week, but somehow, once in a blue moon, the world stands still for us mamas to get what ever we need to do, done. I plopped both kids back in the stroller and jetted out of the village and back to the car repair shop. Probably a distance equaling  just over a mile but with a few big streets that we caught red lights, pushing us to wait even longer. Time was ticking and my kids were squalling with excitement from the speed I was powering our beast of a stroller with. Pulling into the car lot with a mere 5.5 total miles for the days outing, I stretched out my card for the guy to go inside and run the bill while I loaded the kids, only to notice we were blocked in. So the manager quickly returned to the vehicle behind me, backing out of my way to escape down the back ally and onto our way to swim. Only to hear my son almost crying because he had to go pee so badly. I completely forgot he had been telling me he had to go to the bathroom back when we were running. I changed everyone/thing over so quickly I missed the bathroom break. So like any good mother, I pulled over to the nearest side street. Unlocked him from the eighty-millions buckles of his carseat, held his shirt up while he peed on a huge oak tree in front of a lovely red brick home in south Tampa. To my embarrassment, the homeowner happen to be coming outside to her car. Caught completely red handed I just looked up and said “Im so sorry, it was an emergency”. Thank goodness she was a trooper about it and just laughed saying, “when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!” Yes Ma’am!

Soon we were pulling into the parking lot of the club for swim class. A quick change into his swimsuit in the parking lot and we walking through the gate to class. Looking down at my clock, it was 3:01pm! I’m not sure how, I’m not sure why, but I’ll take it. We had made it, only one minute late. Only one girl was at class just getting into the pool, as all the other mothers were running behind today as well. With all the things that can go wrong in a day, I just like to make note of the things that can go right. Last class of swim success. I felt incredible as I stretched back into the lawn chair to watch my son splash around and blow bubbles.

We made it home in time to even make stuffed peepers for dinner- one of my husband’s favorites and play around of trains. Cleaning up I could hear the sweet sounds of my kids playing together in the living room. A sound that makes my head spin with joy. Wow I started to think to my self, this whole mom thing is becoming a cake walk. I yell to the kids playing so blissfully just feet away behind the chair and ottoman (they say it’s good to complement behavior you like and want to encourage) “ I like how nicely you guys are playing together, that makes Mommy very happy”! My son beaming back “yeah Mama, we are playing Milkshake, I take baby’s bottle of milk and shake”! … It was ALL OVER!!” Humbling myself and my ego right back down to size. Ok maybe, not a cake walk.



Cheers for small victories, even if they don’t end perfectly!


What mama victory opportunities have you been graced with?!???

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  1. Deborah
    October 29, 2016

    A great day of maneuvers around an obstacle course just has to end in a reality check.
    Sounded like overall a lot got accomplished.


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