In a world full of color, I have gravitated to them all today.

All of the many bright colors on the spectrum in one large boldly printed frock. This get up is a little more than loud with its oversized florals. A piece that screams attention and is most risky because of it nature in size. A full out jumpsuit. I do love a good jumpsuit here and there, usually in a solid color and definitely not in such a wildly outrageous print.

I can’t help it today though. I really do love this brightly tied back jumper. It hugs the body at the shoulders with wide neck straps. The bust is secure with a little inverted triangular shaped cut- out peep pocket just below. Tapering into the natural waist line then plunges out lightly with wide pleats. Falling loosely around the legs and widest around the ankle just before being cut off. A bulky sliver zipper up the back is left exposed between the hem, as it is intended to be seen. Trust me there’s not much about this outfit that isn’t meant to be seen.IMG_5537

We’re headed to a backyard family gathering so I will naturally be toning this one down with a pair of comfortable cream stripy espadrille sandals. Allowing for grassy daytime walking to be made easy. Simple staple jewelry to finish the look. My ever so flashy large jeweled studs for just a hint of fun around the face and three stackable bracelets rest upon my right wrist.IMG_5535

Sleeking my hair back with tons of pomade, cream and a little hairspray. It’s a newer look for me in which I’m still trying to get used too but my husband loves it, and I obviously like knowing he is attracted to me. Lightly toned makeup, using my new favorite eyeliner. It’s a smudge proof steal at Sephora and I will be wearing it in a strong black to help accent my eyes with this courageous ensemble. I don’t want my face to be completely overshadowed with all this color (which would be easy to do today).

At the end of the day what’s most important to what we are wearing is being comfortable in our own skin. Whatever fabrics, prints and colors you may choose, make sure it is representing you and the energy you’re feeling that day. I could wear almost any style of clothing, as long as it is fitting to my mood and the engagement I am attending. I’m certain not everyone will love this flirtatiously daring look but I will be wearing it with proudly. Which will hopefully allow for me to look as fearless as I feel.IMG_5541


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  1. Deborah
    May 1, 2016

    Reading usually brings back memories of events in your own life, like the time I was still in school and put together what I thought was a perfect ensemble only to get to school and What was I thinking! To get through the day I just needed to carry on like yes this is what I intended.
    Love your jumper and all the lovely colors but on a bigger surface such as mine, too much of a good thing unfortunately would be just that.


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