A wONEderland Tea Soirée

Let the planning begin, and thankfully also now come to an end! With many thanks to Pinterest, I have been planning my daughter’s first birthday party since before she was even born. Not actual logistical details or anything crazy but fabulous ideas and inspirations fill one of my many boards titled  “party planning”. Yes maybe a little crazy, but how can I resist when I have such temptresses floating around, usually on my cell phone screen, waiting to be plucked like a ripened apple at its peak. I give you… the wONEderland tea party.0827-844-02

Creating an enchanting ambience to set the stage, while keeping my delighted birthday girl at the heart of focus. The event was held at my in-laws home with a spectacular view of the city. Draping, hand painted, cut and strung leafs (by my fabulously creative mother-in-law, Celeste Greco) off branches as you  step out the elevator doors, greeting you into the forest of wonder. Facing you with the grandest highlighted spectacle, the long wooden wonderland dining table. Covered in a deep green moss hand made table runner. Exquisitely detailed with a mirrored reflection glass facing the hanging chandelier. The center piece of the show, only second to the honoree’, lighting up the most beautiful and extremely delicious two deeply tiered buttercream and fondant covered birthday cake made by the amazingly talented Cakes Plus of Tampa. Decorated to complement the fabulous invitations I had made from MIPrincess Designs on Etsy. Printing them in a snap thanks to the step- by- step blank card options on Zazzale.img_6805

Framed signs with specific catch phrases from Alice in wonderland were strategically placed through the home. Along with other clippings from a beautiful oversized coloring book I found from a children’s boutique called Silly Dilly’s with incredibly colored images.

Another Pinterest must that I and many follow suit, is the long adored monthly time hop style photos. Two different sets of photo documentation hang on black and multi-jewel colored card stock paper. Focusing on the various changes of a new born baby through her first year. I chose to capture our daughter monthly with fresh flowers circling her like a frame, on the same cozy cream blanket we use many nights to keep warm for late feedings. I figured this style of monthly photo sessions would also feature as a bonus to having fresh flowers at least once a month! If you look closely at the photos, you may notice one month missing its floral frame because yes every mother sometimes slips up. I meant to get flowers at least ten times that week but something, with work, colds, doctors etc. kept messing things up. Instead of just letting the whole thing go to the wayside, I simply laid her down capturing her grinning happy self as is. (Side note- that month is one of my personal favorite pictures). Another month with timing slipping by and a photo to take, I went outside and cut some branches off a couple trees/vines in our yard and voilà.

Walking into the main kitchen you are enthralled with yet more finely decorated table scape of plated appetizers, green salad and a cold seafood pasta salad. Naturally a variety of tea sandwiches ranging from turkey, tuna, egg-salad, cucumber from both Woody’s and  The Royal Tea Room and many 3 year old’s world wide favorite, peanut butter and jelly. Or in this case, almond butter and jelly. Shaped into cookie cutter tea pots, tea cups, hearts and for no reason to the party at all but big brothers fancy, trains.img_6808

Continuing on to more delightful eye-candy, you reach what every tea party needs most… the tea table. Four featured loose leaf teas take the spotlight from the famous Teavana. Served both hot and cold, one pineapple blooming tea, one dessert tea and a few other refreshments such as lemonade, wine and water quench your thirst.

Capturing the many details of the day, was Scott Rosa with Captured Moments by SMR Photograpy. Scott and his lovely wife Melissa, put into digital file images and memories we will cherish for years to come. I highly recommend using a photographer for special event, especially as significant as our daughter’s first birthday!!

img_6809Entranced were all, with you. The star of the show, wearing a ridiculously over the top tulle dress that I had made in shades of pale pink, coral and shimmering gold by Lily And Max (Posh Lily Couture on Etsy). Customizing the prefect first party dress, completing her birthday ensemble with a gold, jeweled encrusted hand-band crown, worn with a tilt. Shimmering down to her toes with Ivanka Trump ballet flat shoes. In good fashion our daughter was equipped with a birthday change outfit to be more comfortable and clean after she dived into her own personal “smash” cake.

She wore high waisted bloomers in a mystical Alice in Wonderland print. Gold dots in front and a giant sliver satin bow featuring a rise gold sequence detail across the back from the fabulous site I am always drooling over, Sugarplum Lane Baby Boutique. Tucked into her Lola and Darla white onesie with their gold printed slogan “I’d Copy Me Too””. Perfectly, and appropriately, we purchased this one with the matching women’s shirt for her Aunt, in which many of you already know, she was named after and then also arrived on her birthday. So matching shirts really set off the birthday cake, candle blowing celebration.

Our daughter’s first birthday party, if I do say so myself, was a success. Eat your heart out Pinterest!img_6811



  1. Loretta
    October 14, 2016

    Sounds wonderful! The photos will help remind Josephina of her special day.

  2. Deborah
    October 14, 2016

    Amazing Birthday Party, your turning into an amazing reporter covering an event.


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