One Nation, Under God.

To a country divided, split among two very different opinions. The very thing that our country was made of and should be grateful for. Being able to have and share different opinions. It’s called democracy, it’s what we should be proud of. I awoke after hearing the results, seeing slander all over conservative boards. That somehow being a conservative is apparently now based upon being racist, #lgbt intolerant and other such craziness. Would it be too much to consider that the democrat candidate was just not enough. Someone wins and someone losses.
Not because she’s a woman, not because I’m a racist or against other sexual preferences. For goodness sakes I work and have worked in a salon for many years, among notoriously liberal and “gay” people, who happen to be some of my best friends. Which on a side note- I have heard some absolutely filthy, dirty things come out of women’s mouths over the years. So much for looker room talk, try a salon. It doesn’t ever make it right, it’s just the way of some people.
She simply wasn’t the best for the position. I know plenty of Democrats that we’re not fans of her. I don’t think ill of them. I know plenty of Republicans that didn’t love him. I don’t think ill of them. I think people voted for who they felt would do a better job. Because it’s a job that were appointing, not a popularity contest.
A lot of people don’t feel they can trust Hillary Clinton. I come from the very blue state of New York with very liberal views, many of them being my family and friends. I don’t think less of them. I actually find it more interesting, listening into their views and often learning more on whatever topic at hand. It’s what balances people out. Weirdly enough many of my Democratic and/or Independent friends were not voting for the Democratic candidate ether. Not because she’s a woman, simply because they thought Donald Trump would do a better job.


Am I, or any other Republican voter some kind of bigamist, racist, hate growing person? I think not.
If you were a hateful person in the beginning of the week, you are probably still a hateful person today, regardless of our President elect. If you were a caring thoughtful person in the beginning of the week, I hope that you still find that to be true today.


As for my children and LGBT friends, what will I tell them?
I’ll tell them what I tell them every day. That I love them. That they are important and that they are valued. That we are fortunate enough to live in a country where we can have different views and still be united “One Nation, Under God”- just like it’s stated in our Pledge of Allegiance. And no matter how nicely they ask, it’s still not acceptable to eat Halloween candy for dinner.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just too much. Maybe I should have gone on for higher education. Clearly I’m missing out on values.

I do believe we can agree that on either side, both parties have extremists. Both side are completely embarrassing themselves. I don’t feel that I am apart of these irrational behaviors in any way, I voted, it’s that simple. Maybe you feel differently about me. We will agree to disagree.

I’ll be here for my friends, white, black, Asian, Mexican, Canadian, gay, lesbian, transgender or whatever other titles you see fit.

If you need someone to talk with because you feel lost, alone? Hopeful, have something to celebrate or excited? Struggling with anxiety, depression, contemplating suicide or fighting a horrible addiction?

I’m your girl. I’ll be the first to pick you up and get you a cup of coffee or a slice of cake. Drive you to a therapist, church, find the nearest meeting, and sit with you all the while.

One nation, under God.

We are all children of God. God wants us to love and share love let’s not forget that. Let’s quit putting others down.
God bless America.



  1. Jessica Lavine
    November 11, 2016

    Great job, girl! You said a lot of what I have been wanting to say. I voted for my personal views on the life of the unborn child. I voted on the fact that we are a single income family DROWNING in medical bills and insurance. (How have these things been overlooked?!)
    I’d like to voice why I voted however, I have experienced to many comments and posts from friends and family who are in disbelief and say that those who voted for Trump are “un-educated” (which I am not), bigots, haters, insighting violence and making races and religions fearful. NONE of those things were issues I voted on and, I feel are also a product more of the condition of the current culture that needs fixing in a separate matter. I hate remained silent until now because I feel if even I dare to speak, I will be called insensitive, heartless, racist, etc. So, thank you for writing. I feel a lot of dishonest media has ran with untrue or hyped up stories and things have gotten way outa hand. I just want to bump in to my friends and not have them thumb their noses at me. I want to have loving conversations, friendships & be a blessing to those I meet.

    • admin
      November 11, 2016

      It’s hard to believe that we live in a world that think conservatives who are – conservative- would want anything hate filled to spread. We should not have to feel like we need to hide our conservative views, although I have until now. I just felt like I needed to stand up to some of the slander.


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