1, 2, 3  Baby You and Me


You have a Son they exclaimed
As he was placed on my chest
All squishy and wet, as he cried
Then settling down for a rest

Happy Birthday Baby
And Happy Birthday Mommy

It’s not every day
We have a baby arrive
On their Mom’s day of birth
So happy to thrive

My sweet tiny bundle
My new little Ally
Born both on a Tuesday
The Second of July

The same day as his Mommy’s Double birthday’s to play
Who know you were coming
So prematurely to stay

Five weeks early you came
Five weeks and five days
Know one would of guessed
Into your eyes I would gaze

Yeah I know that is neat
Oh wait mommy
Yes Mom
And my heart skips a beat

That’s me
They are talking to ME
It’s me that’s a Mommy
Just like I always wanted to be

It’s sinking in now
All the things that people say
How wonderful all this is
And I already can’t imaging it any other way

So here you are now
In my arms where you’ll stay
You must know my voice
I’ve been talking all day
I’ll apologize now
For all that I say
Your ears must be tired
From hearing me all day

But hear this my baby, my son, my sweet child
Know that you are loved, adored and have been wanted for a long while
Know that I’m here for you both far and near
Know how much I love you
I love you so much it brings tears

Like the same ones that fell
When I first held you close to my chest
It’s Our Birthday Baby
And I wish you nothing but the best!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Salvatore!!!


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  1. Hillary
    July 2, 2016

    Love it!!! You guys share such a special bond that goes beyond mother and child. Enjoy your special day together!!!


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