The Third Floor

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This piece is meant to give an inside look at the challenges that come along with depression and/or mental health issues. All parties have read and approved this actual account, only names etc. have been changed or are exempt for privacy.  Please be advised. “I’m dying” she says. “No” I tell her, “you’re not”, but […]

Laced Up

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I woke up naturally Thursday morning after snoozing through my early, early alarm, to see that the sky was still dark through my bedroom windows. Oh goodie, I can still get in a run. I grab my cell phone to see the time (I really need to reset the old digital clock next to my […]

Zings from Jesus

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One of the sweetest ladies I may have ever met, explains openly in the lobby of our salon, how she gets “Zings” from Jesus. “It’s amazing when he shoots that power down”. “Oooh I love it”, she says, and so do I. “I want it, I could use it right now. I believe my coffee […]

The Magic Stick

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There is a cool tool that sits patiently waiting on shelves in the cosmetic departments all over America. The fine boutique establishments commonly known as Target, Whole Foods or Bed, Bath and Beyond, have a secret weapon just waiting for the world to grasp onto. It can be found next to the 100 different brightly […]

The Fountain of Youth

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It’s been another long day, I think to myself. While climbing the stairs with at least one child in my arms, glass of water in hand, cell phone slipped in bra and a small basket of clothes. All the way to the top we sing out fun phrases from wonderful story books we’re about to […]

In the beginning

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I’ve been told for years that I am never short for words, long winded, would do well in radio or that I plainly, yes, talk a lot. I forget to put in periods, as I seem to prefer commas and run-on-sentences. My husband has a little game he likes to play with me to “get […]