I’ve actually always had an interest in everything.

56370_146228995427342_4641510_oWhatever was current and new seemed to capture my imagination. My mind would race with all the wonderful possibilities one venture could bring. With some practice, I find myself not half bad at whatever new delicious venture I stare down. Each day fine tuning my tasks to be better and greater then the days before. As a child, I often found that I placed 2nd fastest in our mile run or “runner up” at the art show. My report cards were filled with mostly B’s, some A’s and 100% effort grades. Plainly graded to be good at most subjects, maybe not the best, but always giving my all.

Growing up I was quick to tackle having a job, usually two or three. Working as a licensed hairstylist & makeup artist since I was 17 years old. Then at a whooping 20 years of age, I began working as an independent contractor out if a lovely little (yet surprisingly big inside) salon. Picking out health insurance (before it was mandatory), putting savings in an IRA, holding down a Sam’s club membership- ya know all the important things in life to being an adult. I’ve followed along in life leaning upon on my faith, then losing it, then Thank You God (literally), finding it again and stronger.

I professionally cheered for the AFL. As I’ve danced and cheered for almost all my life. Dancing up and down a field with all the lights, cameras and definitely action. Hitting practice and the gym hard to be, and equally important, staying in top shape. Heavy sequence, skin tight unforgiving spandex, mid-drift reveling, knee high boot wearing, all while bating our double false eyelash extensions. Flawlessly hitting every beat and eight count. Little but disciplined excersises that I make myself find time for. The results physically and mentally, are what actually give me the peace I know I need to function at my best.


Decided to take up running one day and signed up for a half marathon, my first race ever. No real background in running but if Im going to do something, I like to go big. Or in this case, long. Finished that and signed up for a full marathon. I now have run six marathons. Along with numerous 5ks, 10ks, halfs and more leisure miles across the streets then I could begin to count. Played around with triathlons, weight training, spin & barre classes and yoga (hot being my favorite/only way to practice).


Cooking has come a long way, and trust me it has a even longer way to go. For the most part we have good, fresh, healthy home cooked meals 80% of the time. The other times consist of going out on the town, occasional pizza delivery, my mother-in-laws unfairly delicious dishes and Outback . Which does deserve its own category as it is used as a verb in our family- Chinese, Italian, sushi or Outback.


DIY projects and crafting has taken a backseat to my more currently, unbelievably, busy life. None the less, I have been known to throw down some pretty descent furniture rehabs and projects. Finely decorated scrapbooks (yes, I’m a dork) and hand embossed greeting cards, are just a few of my fun pass times. I’ve tried my hand at sewing up outlandish halloween costumes and timeless treasures, like our family christmas tree skirt. I plan to dabble in some fun home, photo and party decor, baby headbands and accessories very soon!


Organization has to be one of my favorite pass times. I joke that my labels, have labels. Anything from my spice rack, pantry & fridge, children’s toys and playroom, tracking income and expenses. Closets of clothing and food prepping for the week. How to do a quick clean fix or a deep scrub down. Staying consistent with a few regular habits, to make things feel less cluttered and overwhelming.

Mental Health

I have close family and dear friends that have suffered at the hands of addiction and depression. A subject that is so common among many, but taboo to talk about among most. Addiction, as I have been taught, and is now proven in the medical field, to be a disease. A disease, the same way people can have diseases such as diabetes, asthma or arthritis. Addiction is like an allergy. You are ether allergic to something or you are not. It can genetically and/ or environmentally be brought on. It is always there showing its ugly head, usually at the most inopportune moments in life. Sometimes taking ones life and with many best case scenarios, the persons freedoms. Unless of course, there is treatment. Which even with treatment may often feel like an upward battle, but can be one of the most important and rewarding things in life to fight for. That is, if your striving to make a life worth living. A life that you can be proud of and enjoyed. Many great people suffer quietly with addition and or depression. Many very successful and respected people take the necessary steps to work through the struggles and realties that come along with such diseases. They are fighters. They are some of the most intelligent, intriguing, sensitive and beautiful people that I have ever met. I’ve gained a great amount of experience in this category and I still have a lot to learn. I’ll continue to hopefully grow in my knowledge, as I am indeed, NOT a professional. There are some parts that I will never understand or be able to grasp. I only hope to share my experience and hope, to help anyone who may benefit.

Wife & Mother

4.02.14Darcy.GrecoBB30139 copyThe most proud and pleasing moments of my life have been becoming a wife and later mother. Connecting to someone through vows and sharing all of life’s adventures is truly a treasure. The brightness and darkness one goes through is somewhat enviable. However having someone to stand by your side while it’s happening, is why Eve was made for Adam in the first place. Loneliness. We as humans were not made to be alone, but to share with one another a full life of experiences. So then, when the stars and moon align, and all is calm,  we may make a decision to grow our familiar (and sometimes when your not planning at all). Which brings a whole new meaning to the life in which we’ve been living. Creating a richness we didn’t even know was missing. A flood of love that just pours out unconditionally all day, every day, deeper and deeper. A love and appreciation for a child is beyond words. The greatest gift I’ve ever been given. It is especially greatest after my first sip of coffee. Yes, actually that should go up to the top of the list, next to wife, mother, multitasker extraordinaire and coffee lover. All with God first of coarse, as he should be. Thank goodness for grace. Becoming a mommy is something I cherish tremendously.

So much that it’s is easy to see how we can sometimes loose ourselves in the multitude of love that we experience. The 24/7 caring, cooking and spoon feeding unless of course nursing and/or bottle holding, rocking, singing, cleaning, changing diapers and pants, shirts, socks, shoes and jacket.  All while a young baby seamlessly lays there unable to helpfully push even their tiny fingers through their sleeve holes. Which is not nearly as difficult as the slightly older two year old, who is far to busy playing trains to even consider putting on a jacket, let alone pants. It’s all so wonderful and also all so exhausting. Being a mama is a full time job and then throw in the mix of career, homemaker, husband and dog. That’s when you realize there’s clearly something wrong with our math because there’s not enough 24’s in the seven days a week.


To always preform at your best is exhausting and to settle for midiocrity is unsatisfying. I enjoy greatly reaping the fruits of my labor, and if I haven’t done my best, the finished product doesn’t lie. I don’t want to settle for fair, if I know I could achieve greatness. I also don’t want to set myself up for phenomenal, if I’m closer to being pretty good. Being realistic with the talents I do have, and knowing when I should bring in help. Enjoying life for all the real emotions every situation presents. Not having the bar to high, or to low. Balance. Balancing love, life & the pursuit of happiness. Bottle that all up, all the wife-ness, mommy-ness, career-ness, perfectionist, doing your best and having the wisdom to be proud of your achievements for what they are. If you want to be good at something, take advise and learn from people who are doing that thing well. Learn from them and then do what they are doing. If I’m looking to be a better hairstylist, I can take classes and observe others who do great hair. If I want to improve my cooking, I watch people who cook, well. If I’m trying to PR on a run or gain miles in my training, I get out on the pavement with people who run, a lot, and maybe even do speed work. I may have to wake up early to do this. If I want to have a healthy marriage, I make time for my husband and get tips from people who have been married a long time, happily.  That’s the making of a Jack. I have seem to become a jack of many trades, and as the saying goes, master of none. Even so, I’m happy and content to be good at most.